“The Behemoth” 35″ Pedal / Crank Timpani

Dubbed “The Behemoth” our 35″ timpani does not disappoint. With an effective range of F down to B, this monster will liven up your playing. Primarily used for movie scores, this beast can also work well for enhancing your effective low range in all works. This timpani holds a secret, it functions as a pedal and crank timpani. Set your pedal, remove the fine tuner handle and attach our crank handle to move the Behemoth into your outer row of timpani. (Crank handle is an upgrade)

Our customization allows for matching of color, some sound aspects, height, etc. This means we can build a timpani that can complement and expand your existing set of almost any make.
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This instrument was premiered at Percussive Arts Society’s 2021 PASIC conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In the same way that 4.3 marimbas became insufficient, composers have now expanded the boundaries again.
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“The Behemoth” offers the same great features and options included in our line of
Precision Classic Dresden Timpani

Pedal and crank functionality
Smooth pedaling
Easily readable tuning gauge
Tuning key
Square Counterhoops

German or American setup
Castors or tilt board
Plastic or calf
Multiple bowl patinas
Any frame color

Players perspective

Behemoth in a set of 6

This is one homegrown monster