About Us

The mission of Precision Classic has always been “To Provide Only the Best Professional Sound”.  In 1984, Mark Guthrie founded Precision Classic Timpani to offer the best chain driven system.  This system is smooth, portable, and easy to use, with a proven bowl design that gives the performer the ultimate in sound and reliability.  As a professional timpanist (like you), he oversees the manufacturer of each product to assure precise and accurate performance for each instrument.

We are proud to announce the addition of our PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani line developed by Mark and Chris to our existing line of products.  To see more check out our PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani Page.

Precision Timpani offer the customer a sound that is warm but with definition.  Many timpani on the market today offer a warm resonant sound or a dry penetrating sound without the warmth.  This is the difference between our timpani and any other.   Our timpani provide the timpanist the opportunity to tailor his or her sound to their venue though the many customization options offered.  Our drums accommodate many varieties of sticks which facilitate color change.

Precision Classic always carries products that will help a percussionist achieve their desired goals.  Check into our Restorations/repairs, Timpani Accessories/upgrades, Copper Snare Drums, and PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani for the latest developments in products and services.