PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani

Sound Production

PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani offer the customer a sound that is warm but with definition.  Many timpani on the market today offer a warm resonant sound or a dry penetrating sound without the warmth.  This is the difference between our timpani and any other.   Our timpani provide the timpanist the opportunity to tailor his or her sound to their venue.  These drums accommodate many varieties of sticks which facilitate color change.

Contact us about starting your set today.  After much time, research, and energy, we are excited to bring you a product worthy of any Orchestra Hall in the world.


Timpani Sizes


  • 20 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 26 inches
  • 29 inches
  • 31 inches


Feature List

  • Built by Musicians for Musicians
  • Smoother movement
  • Consistent fine tuning
  • Player Side Fine Tuning (smooth in any range)
  • Adjustable Tilt Board
  • Lasting Lubrication Reservoirs
  • Square Counterhoop
  • Proven Bowl Design
  • German or American Configurations
  • Quality Manufacturing for Lasting Service
  • Lacquered or Patina copper bowl
  • Multiple Bowl Patinas available upon request
  • Black frames standard (variations available upon request)
  • 100% Made in the USA using American components


Included – No Extra Charge

  • Ergonomic Tuning Handle
  • Lined Maple Hard Head Cover