PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani


PCT Dresden Pedal Timpani offer the customer a sound that is warm but with definition.  Many timpani on the market today offer a warm resonant sound or a dry penetrating sound without the warmth.  This is the difference between our timpani and any other.   Our timpani provide the timpanist the opportunity to tailor his or her sound to their venue.  These drums accommodate many varieties of sticks which facilitate color change.

Contact us about starting your set today.  After much time, research, and energy, we are excited to bring you a product worthy of any Orchestra Hall in the world.

Unlike most of the mass produced products on the market we can accommodate your specific hopes and dreams.  Using our knowledge and skill from refurbishing what is now hundreds of professional timpani, we can work with you to build the last professional set of drums you will ever need.

Shiny copper and Cherry Red frames not your style?  We host many bowl patina possibilities paired with  endless frame color options.



Standard Sizing packages

  • Set of 2 (29,26)
  • Set of 3 (31.5,29,26)
  • Set of 4 (31.5,29,26,24)
  • Set of 5 (31.5,29,26,24,20)
  • Set of 6 (35,31.5,29,26,24,20)
    w/ chain or pedal/crank 35″ for the ultimate setup for modern movie scores and new repertoire

Itching to get behind the throne to test our timpani?  Simply contact us to work out logistics as we are happy to get you setup and answer any questions you may have.

For Pricing and Ordering information click here to contact us and receive information or start your build today.


  • Built by Musicians for Musicians
  • Smooth movement
  • Consistent fine tuning
  • Player Side Fine Tuning
  • Adjustable Tilt Board or Castor System
  • Lasting Lubrication Reservoirs
  • Square Counterhoop
  • Proven Bowl Design
  • German or American Configurations
  • Quality Manufacturing for Lasting Service
  • Lacquered or Patina copper bowl
  • Multiple Bowl Patinas available upon request
  • Available in Plastic, Calf, and Goat skin heads
  • Cherry Red frames standard (Black or any color available)
  • 100% Made in the USA using American components


  • Ergonomic Tuning Handle
  • Lined Maple Hard Head Cover

Set of 6 35″-20″ Pictured with castor system and Cherry Red frames.
University of the Pacific

A beautifully simple and functional tuning gauge. Our gauge ensures you can both never loose an indicator and easily move your letters using no tools. Frame shown in our Maroon color.

Our pedals are the smoothest Dresden style pedals you will have ever felt. Everything from distance between notes to the perfect balance of resistance and travel have been fine tuned. Enjoy an experience of concentrating on your music and not fighting your pedaling.

These PCT Dresdens are shown in our Cherry Red frames, equipped with plated counter-hoop ears and in an American setup. Player Side

Birds Eye

Audience View

Pictured with Brad Davis at the Honolulu Symphony

Beautiful Piccolo now living at Severance Hall in Cleveland

A trio of PCT Dresdens pictured at The Hamptons Festival of Music