Restoration and Repair

Trust your Timpani to Precision Classic Timpani. You cannot find a company with more experience working on professional timpani. Over the years we have literally worked on hundreds of professional timpani. Our years of experience as players and instrument craftsmen is why the worlds greatest orchestras have trusted their instruments to us year after year.
Below you can peruse just a small offering of the possible services we offer along with a short gallery of some of the repairs and restorations we have performed. If you have questions it is as simple as contacting us and starting a dialogue.

Services Offered

  • New Counter Hoops
  • New Bowls
  • Re-laquering of bowls
  • Bowl Patinas
  • Dent Removal
  • Discontinued part replication
  • Chrome Restoration
  • Paint Restoration or alteration
  • Frame Alignment
  • Replacement tension rods
  • Replacement T-handles
  • Replacement Head Covers
  • Replacement Levers
  • Anheier cable to chain conversion (see below)
  • German to American conversion or vice versa
  • New Bowl lips
  • Upgrading to Calf or Goat skin heads
  • Ask about upgrading to our new Quad Tuning Key for your renovation
  • 10% Discount on any PCT snare with restoration order
  • High School Packages available
  • Inquire for additional services

Great Summer Photo of this 28″ Leedy bowl converted to a replica Saul Goodman Chain timpani for Marko Edwards

Unique set of Walter Lights for Dean Borghesani with 70’s bowls in 90’s frames. Upgrades include new tilt boards, new stainless Pedal Cam bars, head covers, re-machined and epoxied levelers.

Below is a beautiful pair of Baroque timpani restored for Timothy Jepson at the Kansas City Symphony. This pair went a long way from day one to the final product. (yes that one picture is a major oval not a camera angle)

35″ Ludwig commissioned by the Chicago Symphony in 1919 rebuilt and refurbished by Precision Classic. Pictured here again with the Chicago Symphony and David Herbert. ( pictured below )

Another successful Walter Light Renovation shining under the lights

Beautiful pair of vintage timpani restored for Timothy Jepson at the Kansas City Symphony. This pair left with some freshly tucked calf heads.

Mark Guthrie dropping off a set of restored Mark XI Walter Lights for Cleveland Institute of Music

Amazing new brown patina on this restored pair of hand tuned Leedy Timpani

Dean Borghesani at the Milwaukee Symphony showing off his rebuilt Ringers. This set sports a custom paint job.

A set of restored Walter Light timpani for Jeremy Epp at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. In the background a 35″ PCT Chain Timpani customized with matching paint jobs.

A set of restored Walter Lights

Hinger restoration sent off to Singapore

Saul Goodman rebuild

Renovated 60’s Walter Light Set

Walter Light Metropolitan Renovation with timpanist Marc Churchill

Restoration of Timothy Jepson’s 1800s Wunderlich Timpani equipped with goatskin heads. Take a look at the original brackets for a horse mount.

Mike Crusoe with an O’ Donnel renovation

Beautiful Clevelander replica built from scratch to complete the original set of three Clevelanders owned by South Bend Symphony

Mark Guthrie and David Herbert pictured after delivering an American/German conversion on rare brass framed Mark XIV Walter Light Timpani.

Restoration of a pair of Walter Light continental chain Timpani

A set of used bowls converted to fit a brand new Precision Chain System.

Restored 60’s/70’s Goodman Chain for Eric Schweikert at Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Pair of Hinger bowls converted to PCT Chain mechanism at the National Symphony Orchestra

Walter Light Mark XIV Pair renovation for the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra

Walter Light Mark VII Timpani originally owned by Chicago Symphony rebuilt and off to the University of Connecticut

Rare Walter Light Crank Timpani 25″ 27″ Pair. Only three sets know to exist.

Anheier Cable partial conversion to chain.
Mount chain drive using existing brackets to eliminate cable breaking, stretching, and general issues. One of the best perks being that this conversion can be very cost effective.

Onsite service call with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Awesome Review by Mark Cristofaro of a restoration performed by us

Walter Light Mark VII Renovation in a stunning red frame paint job

Clevelander renovation from the ground up

Mini 16″ and 18″ Sonar Timpani. Restored by PCT

Two Aluminum Jenco Timpani in for new legs and a refresh

Remember when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston? Houston Grand Opera’s Walter Lights were submerged below the water line for weeks. PCT got them patched right back up and into the hall.

Adams Bowl conversion to add Precision Chain Mechanism

Chain Conversion of Existing Bowls

  • Conversion accepts most existing bowl configurations
  • Convert your old pedal drums into more portable gig drums
  • Change your old short collared drums into a large collar chains