Chain Timpani

Sound Production

The Chain Timpani that we produce offers the customer a sound that is warm but with definition.  Many timpani on the market today offer a warm resonant sound or a dry penetrating sound without the warmth.  This is the difference between our timpani and any other.   Our timpani provide the timpanist the opportunity to tailor his or her sound to their venue.  These drums accommodate many varieties of sticks which facilitate color change.

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Timpani Sizes

  • 35 inches
  • 32 inches
  • 31 inches
  • 29 inches
  • 26 inches
  • 23 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 18 inches
  • 16 inches
  • Additional sizing available upon request

Features List

  • Unique Chain Design
  • Individual lugs fine tuned independently with key
  • Chain located below the rim
  • Smoother movement
  • Consistent fine tuning
  • One-of-a-kind Tuning Gauge Included with every instrument
  • Proven Bowl Design
  • Quality Manufacturing for Lasting Service
  • Lacquered or Patina copper bowl
  • Ask about upgrading to Calf or Goat skin heads
  • Ask about upgrading to our new Quad Tuning Key

Included – No Extra Charge

  • New Magnetic Tuning Gauge System
  • Two Tuning Handles
  • One Fine Tuning Handle
  • Lined Maple Hard Head Cover
  • Quadpod Stand
  • 15% Discount on any Precision snare drum with Timpani Purchase

A beautiful patina and paint job on this Chain Timpani owned by Jeremy Epp of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. This brown patina is available on all chain timpani, pedal timpani, and snare drums.

A little guy sent off to Sun Valley Music Festival

A nice merger of the musical and visual arts here with this Precision Chain Drum using a recycled bowl

We love receiving pictures of our older products still going strong

Alexander Radziewski at the Hamburg Symphony showing off his 4 PCT Chain Timpani

History time – 12th PCT Chain Timpani ever made from the early 90’s. Pictured with Professor Gregory Beyer and students at Northern Illinois University

A pair of Precision Chain Timpani at the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Two upcycled bowls upgraded to Precision Chain Timpani

Mark Guthrie of the Kalamazoo Symphony and owner of Precision Classic. Pictured here using 3 Precision Chain Timpani including his 35″

Gregg Koyle using 24″ and 31″ PCT Chain Timpani at the Sarasota Opera

A group of Precision Chain Timpani owned by Patrick Shrieves

Ted Rubright and his 32″ Precision Chain Timpani

Beautiful 32″ Precision Chain timpani delivered to Matthew Goddard at the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. This drum features a beautiful calf head.

Laurence Reese with the New Zealand Symphony using his powerful 35″ Precision Chain Timpani

Jeremy Epp of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra showing off his 35″ Precision Chain Timpani. The coloring was customized to match his Walter Lights (one of our prior renovations)

One of two Precision Chain Timpani at Western Michigan University 18″ & 20″

16″ Precision Chain Timpani

Two beautiful timpani with the Sarasota Opera. These are outfitted in beautifully warm sounding calf heads.

As pictured here we can breath new life into your old or unused bowls. These used bowls have been converted to receive a Precision Classic Chain Drive System

Beautiful Picture of a Precision Chain Timpani by Rafa Saenz

A personal pair of Precision Chain Timpani for Mark Guthrie’s performances

A set of old school PCT Chain Timpani spanning multiple generations. Originally owned by Tom Bergeron formerly of the South Bend Symphony.

We have been in the business of making chain timpani so long that this piccolo for Toledo Symphony was taken as a Polaroid

Adams bowl converted to Precision Classic Chain mechanism