35″ Chain Timpani

 “World’s Largest Production Timpani”

An Industry First – 35 Inches of Sound

Precision Classic Timpani proudly presents their 35” Chain Timpani. This timpani features a focused resonance sound with a powerful low register that a 32” timpani just will not provide. In the same way that 4.3 marimbas became insufficient, composers have now expanded the boundaries again.  The 35” Chain Timpani comes with Precision Classic’s uniquely smooth chain drive system. This quality manufacturing provides lasting service for you, the performer. The following are some of the well known pieces that require the range where this timpani is essential:

Copland – 3rd Symphony
Mahler – 7th Symphony
Copland – Appalachian Spring
Strauss – Elektra
Richard Adams – Tandem Voices
Peter Boyer – New Beginnings
Peter Boyer – Ellis Island
John Williams – Star Wars Episode II

James Oliver – Timpani Concerto I
Howard Shore – The Hobbit : Battle of the Five Armies
John Williams – Star Wars Episode I – Duel of the Fates
David Arnold – Sound Track from Die Another Day

If you are performing Pops Concerts or recording movie soundtracks, this is the timpani for you

Pictured Larry Reece and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Recording The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

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