Guthrie Pro Mallets

  • T0 – Wood Mallets on Bamboo Handles – Used for Holst Planets and Baroque music, Great feel and balance
  • T1 – Flipsticks – Used for Carter Etude, Don Juan or any Baroque Orchestral Piece (small cartwheel on one end, oval wood on the other)
  • T2 – General Purpose Sticks (medium cartwheel, great dark sounds, strong Pops concert stick)
  • T3 – Rollers – These are great for Sibelius, Wagner (large cartwheel, large sonoros quality, covered with German felt)


  • Handcrafted for balance and comfortable hand position
  • Made from the finest wood available
  • Call for selected weights


  • Price – $95.00 per pair
  • Includes shipping and handling within the continental US

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